Quality Control Services :

Our company provides impartial third party quality inspection actions, such as :



Inspection & Rework Services

Our specialty lays within the automotive industry, where all employees gain, have or extend their knowledge in all automotive related tools:

  • Sorting actions in Bulgaria
  • Development and following of Work instructions
  • Reporting
  • Running SQA activities and all necessary communications towards suppliers
  • 8D – Assisting in 8D problem solving & follow up
  • Management of Process- and Product-audits

Incoming Inspection “Supplier Quality Management”

Throughout our work experience, we have performed various projects on behalf of foreign suppliers. Some of the services included:
  • Quality Wall “PPM recovering program”
  • Sorting Actions “Ad hoc Inspection”
  • Incoming Inspection “Supplier Quality Management”
  • Containment Actions
  • Measuring / Testing
  • Technical Modifications
Resident Engineering Services

We can also assist you with Resident Engineering Services at your customer’s locations.
What we offer :

  • English speaking Resident Engineer
  • Daily reporting of the actions performed at your customer’s location
  • Reducing your claim and return rates
  • Sorting and Rework management at your customer’s location

Logistical Services

We also provide our customers with Logistical Services. Some of the additional services that we offer are :

  • Warehousing
  • Re-Packing of the materials
  • Order Picking
  • Projects that require floor space, storage capacity and manpower for a long or short term period could be performed at our location
  • On-time Deliveries
  • Express Deliveries to your customer locations with our Vans